Four Tips For Building a Cozy, Budget-Friendly Outdoor Room

Your standard outdoor patio or slab may look bland today, but you can take several steps to turn it into a lovely outdoor room. You are not bound by convention to build a full addition to your home, but you can create the semblance of a lovely outdoor room with each tip. You may adapt these tips for building budget-friendly outdoor room to your home based on the size of the space, the layout of your patio and the materials you can afford. Each idea will turn your patio into an extra room for your family.

Exterior Walls

You may erect exterior walls for your patio using concrete slabs, bricks and logs. The walls you erect should outline the area for the room, and you may put them up to a height you prefer.

  • A very tall room may work well if your home does not have windows just outside the patio.
  • You may create a small sitting room with much lower walls, or you may create partial walls that give the room the feeling of a gazebo.

Erect An Arbor

Use an arbor or other overhead covering to complete the room. You may forgo the walls of the room if you want to use an arbor that covers the area fully.

  • Arbors are not meant to give you complete coverage, but you may finish the roof of the arbor with traditional shingles or wood planks.
  • The arbor is a traditional item that provides you with traditional styling outside your home.

Create A Barrier

You can create a barrier for your patio or slab that is comprised of nothing but potted plants and plant boxes.

  • The plant boxes you use may outline the space completely, and you will create the semblance of a reading space outside. This is a good way to entertain your guests when they are visiting for a garden party, or you can use the space for reading and relaxation during the day.
  • You may include an arbor to cover the area, but you are not obligated to do so. Some areas do not include enough room to install an arbor, but you will be left with a much more beautiful outdoor seating area.

Build A Tent

You are not pitching a tent on your patio or stone slab, but you may create the feeling of sitting under a tent in such a space.

  • You may drive four posts into the ground, and you can attach tent fabric to each post.
  • The covering will keep rain and weather out of the space, and you may take down the tent at any time.
  • This is a modular version of an arbor that you might find more appealing, and you will spend much less money on the project.

A pole may be placed in the center of your patio to hold the middle of your tent higher than the four posts. You are creating something of a circus tent with the center pole, and the center pole may be removed when the tent is taken down.

Creating an outdoor sitting room does not require the assistance of a professional contractor. You have the ability to create an outdoor sitting space with very few tools and even lesser money. Your budget for the project can be exceptionally low, and you can complete the work on your own in most cases. Take the more direct approach in creating walls for the room, build a tall arbor or outline the space with your favorite plant boxes. Each idea will result in an outdoor room that you and your guests will surely enjoy.

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